Data Collection & mobilePLUS

A Packaged Mobile Data Capture Solution

Where is My ___________?

Where is it? It seems like half the battle in managing your operations is simply finding things when you need them. Organizations spend thousands sending staff out to look for items – or in procurement of spares to ensure that they have items when they need them. This can easily happen when you don’t have a simple method to record when something is moved.

It seems like a simple concept, right? Just have your staff record when things get moved. The problem is that sometimes the process is cumbersome and may interrupt the flow of what you’re doing. Like if you have to stop what you’re doing, maybe write things down or get on a nearby computer (or both) to record what you moved (or are moving) and then continue on. What do you think the odds are that there may be errors in what’s recorded – if the step doesn’t get skipped altogether.

The Key is to Make it Easy

mobilePLUS includes a flexible item movement function to assist you in your tracking activities. This function minimizes the discrete tracking challenges many organizations face when trying to track material movement – and do so consistently. With a few scans and taps, movement is tracked and your confidence in knowing what you have and where you have it will increase significantly.

Combined with industry leading mobile hardware and RFID technologies, mobilePLUS can fold into your business processes to make tracking easy. That ease of use will eliminate the need for sending staff out to search for your materials and extra budget required to stockpile spares when you don’t have time to search.

How Can mobilePLUS Help with Tracking?

The mission behind the mobilePLUS solution is to enable an accurate picture of your organization’s assets. A key aspect of that picture is the location of the item. mobilePLUS provides your team with an easy, automated way to update location information regarding items, assets and whatever else you’re trying to track.
mobilePLUS uses mobile devices like scanners and tablets to capture barcodes, RFID tags or screen entries. With a few scans or inputs, item location information is updated and communicated seamlessly to your business systems ensuring that the location data reported is accurate and current.

Want to know more?

While this information gives you a quick idea of tracking with mobilePLUS– we’d like to hear about what your specific data and tracking challenges are and how we may be able to help. Just send us an email or give us a call (636) 590-2900 and let’s talk.