Receiving items – whether inventory or assets – can be a cumbersome and time consuming process that usually involves multiple steps and manual data entry to report arrivals.  Streamlining the Receiving process ensures items get where they are supposed to be quickly – and that PeopleSoft accurately reflects their arrival.

So how do you streamline your Receiving process?  That is where receivingPLUS comes in.

What is mobilePLUS Receiving?

receivingPLUS is an ideal solution to ensure your inventory and asset items are recorded in PeopleSoft as they arrive.  Designed to integrate seamlessly into PeopleSoft, receivingPLUS enables real-time receipt of inventory and asset items from a mobile computer against a purchase order existing in PeopleSoft.  This allows the capture of key receipt information – where the activity occurs.

How Does it Work?

receivingPLUS keeps it easy by leveraging barcode, drop down options and other features for quick and trustworthy completion of the receipt.  receivingPLUS incorporates the same architecture as assetsPLUS, utilizing a direct web service communication with PeopleSoft for the retrieval of Purchase Order data and the insertion of collected PO Receipt information.


Why Use receivingPLUS?

receivingPLUS is a packaged solution that has been designed to quickly and easily configured and deployed for rapid use.  receivingPLUS allows you to eliminate manual processes and keyed data entry to quickly, easily and accurately collect information as the item arrives – and automatically update PeopleSoft.

The mobilePLUS Platform

receivingPLUS is built on the mobilePLUS platform.  mobilePLUS provides the foundational communication from your PeopleSoft solution through to the handheld devices in the field – and back.  mobilePLUS is designed to communicate directly to PeopleSoft and to the handhelds, eliminating additional steps and data handling that add risk for errors.

Want to Know More?

While this information gives you a quick idea of what receivingPLUSis all about – we’d love to talk about what your specific Asset Receiving challenges are and how receivingPLUSand HL Group may be able to help.  Just send us an email us or give us a call (636) 590-2900 and let’s talk.