A Packaged Mobile Data Capture Solution


mobilePLUS offers a packaged mobile item inventory capability for your tracking needs. This solution meets the challenge many organizations face when trying to effectively conduct mobile audits for financial, compliance, operational planning or other purposes.

Combined with industry leading mobile hardware and optional RFID technologies, mobilePLUS extends the reach of your business systems to quickly and accurately manage your assets and other items needing tracking.

What is mobilePLUS?

mobilePLUS is a packaged solution that has been designed to quickly and easily be deployed for rapid use.  The mobilePLUS solution is implemented leveraging our comprehensive configuration guide that walks a customer’s team through setting up mobilePLUS for optimal use in their environment.  Detailed documentation and training is also included to ensure that their team can hit the ground running on their first use.

Our clients have been able to stand up mobilePLUS quickly.  And as soon as you start using mobilePLUS, you’ll see a return on your investment.  The system actually pays for itself in as little as one inventory activity.

How Does it Work?

mobilePLUS presents the User with an easy way to capture current information regarding inventory via barcodes, RFID tags or screen entry.  It then integrates seamlessly with your business systems to ensure that the data collected – that you are using for reporting and managing your organization – is accurate and current.


What are the Key Features of mobilePLUS?


  • Conduct your mobile work where the item is located – without requiring a network connection

  • Quick and easy screens enable your staff to complete their tasks, update records where needed and upload their results

  • Complete audit trail of activities and updates

  • Seamless communication of data from source to business systems


  • Pre-configurable host and data setup – enabling you to start using mobilePLUS in days – not weeks or months

  • Web-based communication for all Users with your existing IIS Server

  • mobilePLUS can use a mix of markings (barcode and RFID) to suit your mix of assets

  • A wide variety of mobile devices are certified – so we can frequently use equipment for mobilePLUS that may already be used in your operations – minimizing investment in hardware


  • Packaged approach for implementation & support to make sure you are up and running quickly

  • Leverages your organization’s existing investments in equipment, databases, systems, networks

  • If you have multiple sites, different configurations can be provided to different locations to meet their specific needs – without losing site of yours

  • Regardless of the number of sites or departments, mobilePLUS offers a common solution for easy administration / training / data reporting

Where Do I Start?

The mobilePLUS bundle provides all of the components – hardware / software / services / support – for implementing a solution in your environment. Combining your existing resources – databases, networks, data/network security policies – and the mobilePLUS solution, you will be able to get started automating asset / item management within days – not months.

This pre-configured and bundled capability allows for a rapid implementation with low organizational investment, time and risk.

Want to Know More?

There are many tracking challenges that can benefit from using mobilePLUS. Inventory, Labeling, RFID, Readiness, Surveys are just some of the areas where mobilePLUS can help.

And here are some organizations that have had Successes with the mobilePLUS solution.

While this information gives you a quick idea of what mobilePLUS is all about – we’d like to hear about what your specific data and tracking challenges are and how we may be able to help. Just send us an email or give us a call (636) 590-2900 and let’s talk.