Data Collection Solutions:  Data Collection Advantage from HighJump

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All organizations are burdened with the task of managing data from beginning to end. This data is critical to ensuring that operations are performed optimally.  Unfortunately, capturing and managing this information at every key point can interfere with a team’s primary business objectives.  HL Group Data Collection Solutions complement your team’s effort with the automation of data collection and electronic application of business rules. The presentation of reports and alerts transform your team’s data from an administrative burden to a powerful operational asset.

At the core of our Data Collection Solutions is Data Collection Advantage from HighJump Software.

What is Data Collection Advantage?

Data Collection Advantage captures data using easy to configure transactions which enable business process improvement in your enterprise.  Seamlessly integrated into any ERP system (including PeopleSoft, Oracle, MAPICS, and SAP) or legacy application, Data Collection gives you the power to tailor pre-defined transactions to meet the unique needs of your business.

How Does it Work?

Data Collection Advantage (DCA) uses radio-frequency networks and handheld mobile scan computers to capture activity progression across your shop floor or warehouse.  DCA presents a comprehensive suite of functions that are configured to your specific needs through switches and parameters.

The User’s role determines what functions they’ll see.  Each function guides the User step by step through the task, capturing progress details along the way ensuring you have complete, real-time visibility to items and activities across your facility.

The streamlined design of DCA also ensures that the focus of the User is on handling the items – not data collection.  So each function is presented to quickly get the information that you need to manage your operations – and get out of your staff’s way so they can do their job.

Why Use Data Collection Advantage?

HL Group’s Data Collection solutions provide you with real-time, web-based, centralized information on the state of your operations so that your team can focus on getting your items and materials where they need to be – when they need to be there.

HL Group’s solution services, coupled with HighJump’s Data Collection Advantage, ensure fast and accurate inventory management by utilizing wireless, bar code and RFID technologies. With our adaptable and flexible architecture, our systems deliver the functionality you need to maximize operational efficiency in your facility.

Want to Know More?

Here are some profiles that talk about what a few of our customers have done with their HL Group Data Collection Advantage solution.

While this information gives you a quick idea of what HL Group’s Data Collection Solutions are all about – we’d love to talk about what your specific challenges are and how Data Collection Advantage and HL Group may be able to help.  Just send us an email us or give us a call (636) 590-2900 and let’s talk.