image1RFID Solutions: AssetTrax from Entigral

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology can be a powerful asset to any organization. Once cost prohibitive and limited in capability, RFID has been optimized to provide remote, hands-free information capture and management.

HL Group has partnered with Entigral to provide RFID solutions to our clients. Entigral is the industry leader in RFID tracking technologies. They deliver this powerful capability through their TraxWare for Asset Tracking Solution.

What is TraxWare for Asset Tracking?

TraxWare efficiently works in many complex environments and with many workflow needs, leveraging standard RFID tag and reader configurations. From the factory floor to the board room, TraxWare provides real-time visibility on the chain of custody and whereabouts of high-value and high-utilization assets.

How Does it Work?

Strategically deployed RFID sensors automatically track the movement of assets in and out of designated locations, and within a location, a single trigger-pull on a hand-held reader instantly detects all present, added and missing items. In just a few key presses, new items, along with their photo, can be assigned a “home” location, while knowing the current location for missing items allows them to be retrieved or to be reassigned to a new “home”.

Why Use TraxWare?

Effective deployment of RFID is truly an art form – one that Entrigal has nearly perfected. If your organization is looking to incorporate RFID into your operations, you want to bring on an expert that can help you make the most of this technology. That is why we partner with Entigral when RFID is needed.
HL Group’s solution services, coupled with Entigral’s TraxWare for Assets, ensure fast and accurate inventory and asset management. With our adaptable and flexible architecture, our systems deliver the functionality you need to maximize operational efficiency in your facility.

Want to Know More?

While this information gives you a quick idea of what HL Group’s RFID Solutions are all about – we’d love to talk about what your specific challenges are and how TraxWare for Assets and HL Group may be able to help. Just send us an email us or give us a call (636) 590-2900 and let’s talk.