assetsPLUS for PeopleSoft

A Packaged Mobile Data Capture Solution

Fixed assets typically represent the largest item on a balance sheet.  Accurate information about your fixed assets is critical for budgeting, forecasting and business decisions.  It’s also a critical component to getting the most out your PeopleSoft Solution – something no one (or budget) is ever in a hurry to modify or replace.

What is assetsPLUS?

assetsPLUS is a packaged solution created to extend the reach and functionality of your PeopleSoft Asset Management module to where your assets actually reside.  Designed to integrate seamlessly into PeopleSoft, assetsPLUS operates through handheld mobile devices that go to wherever your assets are located – regardless of network or cellular coverage.

How Does it Work?

assetsPLUS presents the User with an easy way to capture current information regarding your assets via barcodes, RFID tags or screen entry.  It then integrates seamlessly with PeopleSoft AM to ensure that the data collected – that you are using for reporting and managing your organization – is accurate and current.

Why Use assetsPLUS?

assetsPLUS is a packaged solution that has been designed to quickly and easily be deployed for rapid use.  The assetsPLUS solution is implemented leveraging our comprehensive configuration guide that walks your team through setting up assetsPLUS for optimal use in your environment.  Detailed documentation and training is also included to ensure that your team can hit the ground running on their first use.

Our clients have been able to stand up assetsPLUS in as little as one month.  And as soon as you start using assetsPLUS, you’ll see a return on your investment.  The system actually pays for itself in as little as one inventory activity.

The mobilePLUS Platform

assetsPLUS is built on the mobilePLUS platform.  mobilePLUS provides the foundational communication from your PeopleSoft solution through to the handheld devices in the field – and back.  mobilePLUS is designed to communicate directly to PeopleSoft and to the handhelds, eliminating additional steps and data handling that add risk for errors.

Want to Know More?

Here are some profiles that talk about what a few of our customers have done with their assetsPLUS solution.

While this information gives you a quick idea of what assetsPLUS is all about – we’d love to talk about what your specific Asset Management challenges are and how assetsPLUS and HL Group may be able to help.  Just send us an email or give us a call (636) 590-2900 and let’s talk.