HL Group offers a variety of solutions to enable you to automate your asset and inventory tracking needs. All HL Group solutions are designed to ensure that they are deployed quickly, folded into your business processes easily, require minimal effort to maintain and begin providing a return on your investment right away. Click on the buttons below to get some additional information on what we offer – or contact us to discuss your specific needs. We’re happy to help!

mobilePLUS combines industry-leading mobile devices & intuitive functions to automate your tracking / audit / inventory tasks – and communicate results to your ERP or other Business Systems

assetsPLUS extends your PeopleSoft AM solution to mobile devices enabling your staff to conduct asset inventories wherever the assets reside – then communicate results directly back to PeopleSoft.

RFID is a powerful option within HL Group Solutions. Whether used with mobile or fixed devices – or in our asset or supply chain solutions – RFID can extend your visibility across your enterprise.

From simple data collection to complex warehouses, HL Group’s supply chain solutions combine industry-leading technologies and our implementation experience to have you up & running quickly.