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Father (or whoever your faith or beliefs define),

Thank you for allowing me to be part this great community, the United States of America.  Please don’t let me squander being a part of such a rich heritage of freedom and opportunity.

While I and other citizens past and present haven’t been perfect, we all have contributed in our special ways.  Let us strive to understand and appreciate what each of us have done, not what we may have done better.

Especially please be with those fellow Americans that have made sacrifices to provide and protect our privilege of being a part of this community.  Provide our leadership with the wisdom and courage to continue to work for all of us, regardless of political, ethnic, religious, gender or other differences, in keeping this nation great.

I’m forever in gratitude of this gift.  Please keep me strong, appreciative and committed to keeping the United States the greatest nation that has blessed this earth!




Wes Haubein is the President of HL Group, Inc., a premier provider of mobile asset inventory management, RFID and supply chain solutions.  He writes regularly about management, solution integration and technology.

Anne Hale

Director of Client Services at HL Group, Inc.
As Director of Client Services, Anne is responsible for account and project engagement management for HL Group’s solution delivery efforts. She heads up the overall strategy and administration of solution delivery, ongoing client relationships, and has an active role in the marketing HL Group solutions.
Anne Hale
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