Granite Data Solutions – Partnership for Success

HL Group has been working with Accenture since 2010 on their California Fi$Cal ERP solution. This solution will soon deploy to over 200 departments state-wide (I’ll fill you in more in a future posting). During these activities, Accenture connected us with a local reseller organization, Granite Data Solutions – who also has a great relationship with the State of California. Since then, we’ve been working directly with Granite Data Solutions to move forward our portion of the Fi$Cal initiative.

Granite Data Solutions brings a 10+ year history with the State of California as a supplier of IT hardware, software and services solutions. During this period they have expanded their work to other organizations outside the state government for continued growth and success.   They bring numerous contracting options for their customers inside the State of California and with their different suppliers – of which HL Group is one.

One of the things I’m most impressed with is their certification as a Small and Disabled Veteran Owned Business Enterprise (SBE/DVBE) with the State of California. Having an opportunity to work with people who have served and sacrificed for our country, is an honor for us as an organization. They continue to give back to the community by employing a work force that is over 70% disabled. They’re proof that serving and success go together.

Granite Data Solutions brings a talented team of people that play a crucial role in our enterprise deployment of our assetsPLUS solution within the State of California. They have deep relationships and history with a number of departments – in addition to their contracts and knowledge of state procurement processes. This team also has the technical depth to implement and sustain our solutions locally as they have proven over the past few years.

HL Group recognizes the beneficial role teaming can provide any organization – especially smaller firms like us that have diversified markets. Granite Data Solutions brings that teaming strength to us in California and other federal markets with both their contracts and their capabilities. With our recent renewal of this relationship we’re excited about what we can accomplish together in the State of California, in other California markets and in the Federal Government.

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